MRE Meal Replacement, Animal Based Protein 7LB


  • REAL WHOLE FOOD – The most important fuel you can give your body is real food, especially whole foods. To give your body the best fuel possible, we created M.R.E. In the military, mre’s are rations to give the soldiers the nutrients they need to survive on a mission. With M.R.E. we have given you the fuel you need to repair and recover muscle tissue from the best possible whole food sources. Stop reaching for fast food and reach for whole foods with M.R.E.
  • DELICIOUS AND HEALTHY – A tasty and nutritious option if you want to lose weight, are looking for a more healthy lifestyle, or don’t have time to cook but don’t want to sacrifice flavor.
  • FULL MEAL REPLACEMENT – Proteins derived from animal based sources like beef, chicken, and eggs.
  • REAL CARBS – Carbohydrates derived from oats, yams, and sweet potatoes.
  • FAST RECOVERY – High protein to help with increased rates of recovery.
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